EMRLink New Organization Request

EMRLink Online Access requests are assigned as a Routine Priority.

If your organization regularly needs to view Geisinger patient information, or if your organization has contracted with Geisinger specifically to view patient information, please complete the fields below to begin your enrollment.

  • Once verified you will receive your account activation information and registration instructions at the email address you provide below within 10 business days.
  • Follow the registration instructions to activate your account, e-sign the agreement, then complete the registration process for all appropriate staff and providers.
  • After you complete registration for the additional users in your organization, they will be sent their account activation to view patient records in 5 business days.

Please choose one of the following two options:

My Organization/co-worker has EMRLink and I/my co-worker need(s) an account

My Organization does not have EMRLink and wishes to enroll

If you have questions please submit Feedback

  • To add new users, please work with the administrator.
  • Have questions or need help? Click Feedback or contact the service desk at 570-271-8092.

Step 1: Please select the correct description for your organization

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  • Note: If you have a *Certificate of Compliance from the Department of Human Services, your organization does not qualify for access. Please refer to the Type of Organization drop-down list for your organization type
  • Please attach a .pdf copy of your organization’s Certificate of Licensure from the Pennsylvania Department of Health here.

*Instructions: Please list all Providers or PCPs for which your site may be submitting orders or referrals (Note: These Providers will not be logging into EMRLink)
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Geisinger Contact Person

Please submit your request for access to Geisinger patient orders via email to Hendricks, Lisa, lmhendricks@geisinger.edu
As per HIPAA regulations, Assisted Living/Personal Care organizations do not provide treatment and therefore are not eligible to view patient records.
Please submit your request for access to Geisinger patient orders via email to Hendricks, Lisa, lmhendricks@geisinger.edu

Geisinger Contact Person

Geisinger Contact Person

Access to patient records is restricted to organizations qualified to view patient records as defined by HIPAA regulations.

Step 2: Please complete the fields below to initiate your organization's account (one request per organization):

Your Contact Information

For registration usage only

Clinical: Directly participates in treatment (including patient placement), or, in some instances, a vendor who has a Business Associate Agreement executed with Geisinger to review charts as part of their agreement.
Non-Clinical: Is not directly involved in treatment (including patient placement), but would include payment and healthcare operations functions. Access to Hyper protected Health Information (HPHI)/Specially Protected as defined by the state of Pennsylvania will be determined by patient's authorization status.